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The Cobalt Insight200M is the latest airport security liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) from Agilent, screening all common container types with the lowest false alarm rate of any ECAC-certified LEDS system. Insight200M is the latest addition to the Insight range. Smaller and lighter than the popular Insight100 series—and offering improved detectivity and false alarm rates (FARs)—Insight200M fits into security operations with the lowest resource impact and highest screening throughput of any Type B LEDS system.

Operational FARs for all containers are consistently better than 2% but can be much lower. When tested using the standard ECAC test set, the Insight200M has a FAR up to 10 times lower than operationally demonstrated by the most widely used products from other manufacturer

• Best detection rate available—ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
• Screens all containers, including metals
• False alarm rates (FAR) for all non-metallic containers: 0.7%, water only: 0.02%, and all containers, including metals: <2%
• Fast and easy-to-use—scans within 5 seconds
• Specific threat materials identified and named
• Approved for containers <100 mL
• Ideal as standalone systems for all containers or for alarm resolution with EDS for cabin baggage (C2 or C3)
• Cobalt Overview Management Server—all Insight systems can be continuously monitored and managed by a centralized software system, enabling scheduled reporting for regulatory compliance monitoring (optional add-on)
• Optional accessories are available to customize your workflows to your individual requirements, including ECAC-approved Type A kits, tables, carts, and system covers


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